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We have been involved in the Internet Industry for more than 5 years and our experience have driven us to develop a customizable CMS (in cooperation with DuGWood) in order to provide our partners with a powerful and evolutive platform.

Our technical department is our ‘sister’ company which garranty a fast and efficient reactivity.

Technical capabilities:

- Webdesign
- Powerful exclusive CMS
- Customizable templates
- Social networking functionality
(Subscription, comment, vote, share on social network
create your own community private messages (member-to-member), members can add as friend, pictures, videos and many more...)
- Reduced website load time
- E-mail and Statictics setup
- SEO optimized content supplying
- Translations (Cz / Fr / En / ES / HR)
- Our savoir-faire
- Consultancy services on demand